how to wrap text in powerpoint

Follow this article to know how to wrap text in PowerPoint.

What amount of time have you spent fastidiously scattering words in PowerPoint, attempting to get them to fold over a picture spot on?

It sure would be decent if there was a content wapping highlight, yet tragically even the most present form in 2019 does exclude it. Fortunately, G2 is here with a workaround for you.

The most effective method to wrap text around an image in PowerPoint

Since PowerPoint has no worked in content wrapping highlight, you’ll have to use content enveloping by Microsoft Word, at that point embed the Word archive into your PowerPoint slide. That is only its significance—adhere to this bit by bit guidelines to envelop message by PowerPoint.

The most effective method to envelop message by PowerPoint

Open a PowerPoint slide

Go to Insert > Object > Microsoft Word Document

Organize your substance utilizing content enclosing by Word

Change the Word archive in your PowerPoint slide

1. Open a PowerPoint slide

Start by opening PowerPoint, then selecting the slide in which you want to include text wrapping.

2. Go to Insert > Object > Microsoft Word Document

Navigate to menu bar at the top of your screen and click on “Insert” to open the dropdown menu. From that menu, select “Object.” An “Insert object” window will pop up.

In the window under “Object Type,” select “Microsoft Word Document,” then click “OK.”

3. Arrange your content using text-wrapping in Word

After clicking “OK,” a Word document will automatically open. Add your image by either dragging and dropping it into your document, or going to “Insert” > “Pictures.”

Right-click on the picture to open the picture alternatives, at that point float over “Wrap Text” to open the content wrapping menu.

From here, you can choose whichever text-wrapping option suits your needs.

4. Adjust the Word document in your PowerPoint slide

You’re essentially completely done! At the point when you return to PowerPoint, you will see the content wrapped picture from your Word archive in your PowerPoint slide.

You can move and resize the Word document like any other object in PowerPoint, but if you want to adjust the content within, you must do that in Word.

We hope this will make you understand of “How to wrap text in Powerpoint”. If you are still facing issues you can watch the below video for more details.

Note: You will need both Microsoft PowerPoint and Word to use this method.

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