WPC 2014 takes it to the cloud and beyond

As the Chief Technology Officer of AvePoint Public Sector and having been in this space for years as a Microsoft MVP, I have witnessed the power of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference firsthand and can honestly say it continues to be one of the industry’s most valuable assets. The buzz of partners from all over the world congregating in a city with as much repute as Washington D.C. (my hometown) only elevates the excitement. This year, I had the fortune of being highly involved in WPC—by representing an amazing company that offers solutions for enabling enterprise collaboration alongside Microsoft business platforms. I led numerous speaking sessions, helping AvePoint spread the word about our latest announcements such as our all-in cloud investment in Office 365 and Azure, its new product for Box/SharePoint integration and Rackspace partnership as well as walking away from the conference with the Partner of the Year Award for Public Safety and National Security.

WPC is where partners fill their days with as many valuable face-to-face meetings as possible; a luxury that usually involves an immense amounts of travel throughout the year. WPC continues to provide a venue void of physical boundaries with more than 136 countries represented and over 16,000 attendees. With Microsoft really developing its cloud and mobile solution areas, partners have even more opportunities to push the envelope of business productivity than they ever have before—and they are definitely jumping on board with the trend.


Dux Raymond Sy discussing Microsoft Social Hub at WPC 2014

There was a clear sense of maturity at WPC 2014, as Microsoft proves that it is focused on providing the best business solutions possible —and partners are following suit. AvePoint has created products across the Microsoft technology stack for years, and are following Microsoft’s lead by ensuring we extend confident collaboration into specific cloud-ready business solutions for public sector, financial services, healthcare and commercial organizations. In fact, in the last year alone, we have had great success by partnering with global Microsoft CityNext initiatives in delivering solutions around project transparency, e311, mobile workforce and Townhall portals.

This year, AvePoint is sustaining its momentum upward, not only taking home an award but also stepping up our presence at WPC. With a delegation of 27 from six different countries, we threw a cocktail hour to celebrate our win and presented at five sessions—two of which were mine, and three alongside Microsoft.

Overall, I feel there are few points that are evident from WPC 2014 and will remain true in the years to come:

  1. Content is not king anymore—context is: Partners are showing enthusiasm for new developments such as Azure Machine Learning, Skype translator, Delve, and other related technologies that enable timely decision-making processes.
  2. Cloud and mobile come first: A major shift toward cloud and mobile is already happening whether we like it or not. Partners who fail to get up to speed and get with the program will be left behind.
  3. Features and functionalities aren’t the only selling points: As customers’ business needs and challenges become more dynamic and complex; pitching features and functionalities doesn’t cut it anymore. Partners must focus and demonstrate pertinent business solutions that deliver relevant and sustainable business value for customers.

WPC has been and continues to be one of my favorite Microsoft events of the year. From the engaged audiences at speaking sessions to the parties with old friends (who can glance over that?!) and time spent making new ones, Microsoft’s celebration of its partners is never a dull one. I hope everyone had as great of a time as I did and I look forward to what 2015 will bring!

About Dux Raymond Sy

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Dux Raymond is Chief Technology Officer of AvePoint Public Sector. He is responsible for leading the development and delivery of strategic customer solutions that drives positive business transformation and enables organizations to achieve their overall mission.

With more than 15 years of business & technology management experience, he has successfully facilitated the implementation of various business transformation solutions for commercial, educational and public sector organizations.

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