What is Microsoft Office Setup?

Microsoft office setup is the software setup file with this setup file you can install on your computer and some of the supported device to use Microsoft office. Not only the Microsoft Office software but all the software always has the setup file, and it is very important, without the setup file the software turn useless. Microsoft office has a different version, and the entire version has the different setup file. Some of the version is 2003, 2017 and 2010, etc.

Microsoft Office software components:

Microsoft office has different component inside; the component is the main workers of the software. The different component of Microsoft Office software is as follows:

Microsoft Word

This is the words processor, and it offered for the PC user and some of the supported device. Microsoft word first version was released in 1983 and it only for the operating system of MS-DOS. Word is the main important and used by the people of the world because here you can type anything you want with different style and size, you can control all the facilities by your own.office setup
After typing the word, you can save you data safely. It is also used in office, private office to type some document.
Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is used mainly in a shopping mall and Banks to keep the records, and for calculating the sum, it is a spreadsheet which is originally fulfilled by the dominant.office setup
Excel first version was released in 1985 for the MAC OS, and it turns into windows. Excel is also very popular as it works well and strikes fantastic performance.
Microsoft PowerPoint

Power point one of the best component of the Microsoft Office it is a presentation program, and it support both Windows and OS. Power point is mainly used in school and collage presentation.office setup
It is one of the best for the student and power point also can create an animation production. It used to create slideshows and compose text. It is very helpful to the people of the world.
Microsoft Access

Access is another component of the Microsoft Office; it is the database management system. Access is also one of the most important storage data where you can keep all the record, and it is mainly used in government offices and banks.office setup
Microsoft Access also can import to store data in the database and other application.
Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft outlook is private store manager; it is a manager of personal information. This is the storage manager where you can keep your entire private document, file, and some secret data. You can also use as the personal diary on your computer.office setup
Microsoft OneNote

It is a note taking program freely in this OneNote you can also type and write anything you can even draw some picture. Here you can share a note with some of your friend OneNote user by connecting internet of your computer or device.office setup

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