The Garage Series for Office 365: What’s new in the world of apps for Office?

This week hosts Jeremy Chapman and Richard diZerega explore what’s new in the new world of apps for Office. They look at the top 5 new features including amazing content apps for PowerPoint, Excel APIs for formatting, content apps for Access, mail APIs for body and attachments and compose mail apps. Watch as Richard masterfully demonstrates all of this along the way.

Last week we caught up with Jeremy Thake to talk about the apps for Office model itself and what is new, different and better versus the more traditional extensibility options in Office, SharePoint and Exchange. This week we examine things that have recently been added as new capabilities to the apps for Office model itself. The great thing about the cloud and its agile development is that the extensibility platform itself can continually evolve. So we highlight the top 5 recent additions and enhancements to the apps for Office model.

Instead of give everything away in the blog, I’ll encourage you to watch the show. Richard is always one of the best Garage Series cohosts and here he doesn’t disappoint as he presents the apps for Office model and shows few awesome demonstrations in PowerPoint, mail, Excel and even Access that you don’t want to miss.

Next time, we’ll hit the road again as we put Office 365 offline and device support to the test in the deserts and waterways surrounding Dubai.

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