Thank you, Microsoft Office 365 customers!

Thanks to our customers, Microsoft Office has become the de facto standard for productivity with more than 1 billion users around the world.  We’re honored that after more than two decades and multiple free alternatives, people and businesses prefer Office to do the things most important to them.

In a recent online study, over half of office workers said they are expected to be able to get work done no matter where they are. The study found more than half (56%) of office workers consider access to the documents they need a “must have” while working away from the office; and half (50%) feel security and privacy are an important consideration when working away from the office.

The way people work has changed over the years and so has Office. Meeting a wide range of productivity needs across consumers, small businesses, schools, governments and the world’s largest enterprises is a big responsibility and one that requires a commitment to meet varied needs of customers.

Microsoft Office remains the productivity suite leader in the enterprise, according to a recent Forrester survey, and we expect that trend to continue . Thank you to all businesses that choose Office 365, including those who chose Office 365 over Google Apps for Business.

Families that want Office on multiple PCs or Macs and devices are choosing Office 365 Home Premium to stay up-to-date at home or while on the move. Thanks to over 2 million subscribers for choosing Office in the cloud.

The recently released IDC study provides insight into the skills students need for tomorrow’s best jobs and Office proficiency was found to be #3 on this list. With over 110 million students, faculty and staff that are using Office 365 Education, we are honored to support you to be successful in school work and beyond.

We’re grateful for your business.

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