OneDrive Time Capsule Captures 15 years of Coachella History

As fans clutch their Windows Phones, iPhones, and Android devices, hoping to capture unforgettable moments with their friends and favorite artists through photos, OneDrive is the perfect solution for storing and sharing all of your memories.


Coachella Crowd


In a lot of ways, Coachella was really the birthplace of the modern music festival in the U.S. The festival started in 1999, and has changed dramatically and grown over time. Starting as a small indie music festival, it has now turned into a major concert event of the year, bringing in some of the most relevant artists across rock, electronic, hip hop, and indie music.


In the beginning, storing all your memories online was just a pipe dream and many of these photos and moments were forgotten. If you’ve been to a concert in recent history, the sight of fans snapping photos of everything in sight should be familiar. Fans are now more than ever, documenting their experiences through these photos and sharing some on their social channels across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — but where do all of the other photos go? What happens to the hundreds of photos, cherished memories, that aren’t published there? They sit in the camera roll on your phone and all of those memories slowly fade away into obscurity.


These are great memories that deserve to be preserved, to be shared and to be remembered. OneDrive makes this easy, no matter what device you’re using. If you’re making the pilgrimage to Coachella this year or to any other festival or concert, grab the OneDrive app for your device so that all your photos will be backed up and easily sharable with your closest friends, capturing those moments and ensuring your never lose the memories of your experiences.


Coachella Artists

Pictured above (left to right): Björk, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters play Coachella.


This year, we will also be adding to the Time Capsule every day, with photos from all around the festival, for those who want to follow along at home or re-experience it later, expanding the collection for years to come. Go to to check out the ever-expanding collection.


Time Capsule


And for those of you going to Coachella, OneDrive will also be on the ground having some fun with an interactive experience which will include a light graffiti photo booth, interactive photo experience, which showcases some of those amazing historical photos we mentioned from the past 15 years, and lots of chances to show off your own photo skills to win prizes, VIP wristband upgrades and more. Stop by and see us at the festival and follow along on OneDrive’s Twitter and Instagram for updates!

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