Introducing OneDrive for Business for iOS v1.2

The iOS app gets the new OneDrive for Business branding

The new OneDrive for Business branding, already on our revamped OneDrive for Business website, is starting to land in the various platform apps. The OneDrive for Business for iOS app is one of the first out of the gate, in addition to the OneDrive for Business for the Windows Store, with all other platforms—including the web interface in Office 365—coming soon.


The OneDrive for Business for iOS app login screen.                   


The main screen for working with files in your OneDrive for Business for iOS app.

OneDrive for Business for iOS v1.2 now supports SharePoint Online dedicated customers

Previous versions of OneDrive for Business for iOS focused on connecting to the multi-tenant environment of Office 365. Office 365 for dedicated systems are separate from the multi-tenant infrastructure and use both Windows NT LAN Manager (NTLM) and forms-based authentication (FBA) protocols. Now, with v1.2, SharePoint Online dedicated customers can download the iOS app from the App Store and seamlessly connect to their personal OneDrive for Business files and folders.

Support of common on-premises authentication configurations

If your SharePoint 2013 on-premises server is configured using NTLM (including Windows Claims) or FBA authentication for sign-in, then you will be able to configure your environment to be available to the OneDrive for Business for iOS app. These authentication types are additive to what was previously supported in previous versions – the Office 365 Org-ID (with or without federated ADFS).

Soon, we’ll be publishing configuration documentation to TechNet that further explains the supported authentication types and configurations methods. We’ll update this post once the article is live.

Please review the full OneDrive for Business for iOS authentication matrix.


The user authentication process for NTLM. 







The user authentication process for FBA.       





Learn more about NTLM and FBA on TechNet.

Improved iOS 7 support

We continue to refine the experience on the iOS platform as iOS updates roll out. Many of the improvements have been made in the user interface and performance. For example, we made the look and feel more consistent, we improved the user experience based on user feedback, we redesigned the toolbar layout, and we refreshed the app, share, and offline icons to more align with the iOS design patterns.

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