How to Use Yaminars to Increase Employee Engagement on Yammer

YaminarsYaminars are short, five-minute or less informational videos that educate users about Yammer. The Yammer Education Services (YES) team creates the “small chunk” videos around a specific feature or topic so a user may easily and quickly find an answer to their Yammer question. Yaminars cover everything from simple product features to recent product changes, and even interesting or new ways to use the tool. For a full list of Yaminars, visit the Learning Center of the Yammer Success site.

Start a Yammer 101 Group
Thousands of Yammer customers benefit from using Yaminars as part of their Social Journey. For example, customers often create a Yammer 101 Group and supply it with Yaminars. They also create a Note within that Group for quick and easy access to a self-help guide about Yammer. Simply use the hyperlinking feature in Yammer to link to the Yaminars on the Success site. Another helpful tip to get started is creating learning paths for users by ordering the videos the way you would like and giving them short descriptions within the Note. The learner may then go through the links to the Yaminars and watch the ones that are most interesting or helpful.

Link to Yaminars
Linking to the videos on the Yammer Success site is the easiest way to go about this as the videos will be auto updated for you, the downfall however, is that your users will be taken to another site to view them rather than having them display inline within Yammer. If you would like to display them inline and you are part of the Yammer Customer Network (YCN) you can download the videos from the network and upload them to your own network. You can then create the same Note and use the paperclip icon when editing the Note to add in the links to the videos on your own Yammer network. If you choose to do it this way, be careful as our product changes quite frequently, and thus the videos do as well.

Yaminar Tip: follow the “Yaminars” Note in the YCN you will receive a bell notification anytime the videos are updated.

Create a “Getting Started” Note
A great example of a Yaminars Note to create in your network is a “Getting Started” Note. This Note could cover all the Yammer basics, starting with the Yammer Profile Settings video that covers how to set up your Yammer account. You can move down the list and link to the videos in the “Getting Started” section of the Yaminars page to easily build out the next videos to watch. This Note can then be attached to any new Yammer members “joined” message, quickly showing them where they can learn about Yammer.

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