Atominx: Growing together with Office 365

Technology has always fascinated me. My first experience with computing was at age 13, when my mom brought home a used PC. I couldn’t stop using it. Looking at the screen was almost like being in a second world. You could write text and then change it in an instant. There were so many things that you could do compared to working with paper, and that really amazed me.

Initially, I thought I wanted to fix computers, but when I entered the university, I began to enjoy the creative side of technology. While at Manchester Metropolitan University, I designed a website for a veterinary clinic. From there, I got my first paid client, and my work started to snowball.

In addition to the amazing capabilities that computers make possible, I’ve always been intrigued by the pace at which technology is advancing. I want to be the first to know about every new release. I want to learn it and tell people about it, so it’s no wonder that I ended up in my current profession.

Powering My Business with Office 365

When I first started Atominx in 2009, it was a one-man shop. Today, I’m the director of a 10-person staff. Like technology itself, the growth of our company has been accelerating very rapidly. To facilitate our success, we rely on Microsoft Office 365. Not only does Office 365 help us to collaborate effectively with both designers and customers, but it also helps us show our customers that we are business professionals, equipped and ready to meet their needs.

At Atominx, I initially chose Google Mail [Gmail] because it was free. But as I hired more people, it became clear that Gmail wasn’t able to keep pace with our collaboration and business needs. Our employees and most of our freelance designers were using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, but they couldn’t use Outlook because it was difficult to interoperate with Gmail. With Gmail, it was sometimes difficult to send or open meeting invitations and attachments. To improve our collaboration capabilities, I ended up piecing together several third-party solutions.

As the head of a small business, I don’t have the time to help my employees and freelancers troubleshoot constant problems. I just need a solution that works. I realized that we were outgrowing Google and that we also needed to develop a single communication domain and a more professional identity.

In October 2011, Atominx began using Office 365 and I’ve never looked back. It offers all the features we need, and it’s a solid, complete solution that works well with both PCs and mobile devices. Just reading about all the integrated services and productivity enabled by Office 365 made me want to switch. But as I’ve used Office 365, I now realize it’s not just the features that make it such a great solution. It’s the way everything works together so seamlessly. Gmail felt fragmented, and we needed to supplement it with other products to fill in the gaps. But with Office 365, all the capabilities are there, and they all work in tandem as a single, unified solution.

One of the things I love about Office 365 is that we always have the latest technology to power our business. We never have to download anything. Instead, when we open Office 365, new updates and security fixes are simply there. I find that truly magical.

Visiting the Place Where Technology Is Envisioned and Developed

Whether it’s a bank ATM machine or a mobile phone, many of the advances that we use in our day-to-day lives hail from Redmond. I had always wanted to visit the place where so much technology is being developed. To my great excitement, I was recently invited to Redmond!

As part of my visit, I toured the Microsoft Envisioning Center, which is all about future technologies and their potential to shape our world. My tour made me realize that Microsoft developers aren’t just thinking about technology for the here and now. They’re looking to the future. I was also fascinated by the amount of work that goes into making a specific product or service. With software, you simply use it when it’s released. You never think that people have been working on it for years.

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