Microsoft Outlook Error 0X80070005

Microsoft Outlook is a well-known email application worldwide. Same also has most useful features which make it very user-friendly. If the user has access to Microsoft SharePoint online list which was previously configured to sync data to connect Outlook features. But what happened when the user attempt to sync it the application same return error i.e. 0X80070005 message to the user.

This error is a serious threat to Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 & 2010. It is necessary to resolve outlook error 0X80070005.

Here I am going to discuss the symptoms, cause, and resolution to this error i.e. 0X80070005.

Symptoms of Error (i.e.0X80070005) :-

In the case, a user has a Microsoft share point online list on his/her system. And the same was recently configured to sync data in nest step when the user attempt to sync the list may receive the error message.

Task ‘Share Point’ reported error (i.e.0X80070005): In that scenario, the user does not have permission to view this Share Point List <name of the SharePoint list or library>. Immediately connect with the SharePoint site administrator. 

Cause of Error (i.e.0X80070005) : –

Now we know that Outlook Error 0X80070005 occurs because of Microsoft SharePoint Online list or library. If there is any particular issue there with this it would be able to establish a connection with the Outlook application and send an error message to the user.

Resolution to Error (i.e.0X80070005) : –

Immediately resolution to error code is the user need to delete the Microsoft SharePoint Online list or library from the SharePoint list. Next step is to re-establish the connection. For deletion from the navigation pane then right click on it & follow the steps from the mail section of MS Outlook application select the SharePoint Lists folder. Now remove the connection next step is to click on yes to confirm to fix Outlook Error 0X80070005 from the user PC.

The mentioned step will be helpful to any user. The user must take Microsoft support team same is an excellent choice. On the top of it, they offer 24*7 technical assistances to all its registered users. The user can take online support by visit

Office Setup toll free number : 1-844-777-7886 (US Toll Free) & 0-800-014-8050 (UK Toll Free)

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